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There are Great Career Opportunities in the Design Field
Most of them are in Fashion, Graphic Arts and Interior Design
Many of the Entry-Level Positions Don't Require a Four-Year Degree
One of these Fields Could be Right for You

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Last Page of Week

We have produced our latest page for this week.

Joining a design program in Michigan is what this new page is about.

This page has a list of schools that may interest you.

The type of diplomas offered, class times, tuition cost in addition to other variables may vary tremendously from one institution to the next, so check thoroughly.

That MI page is right here.

Let us know if you do not see your old institution included there.

Early Page

I just added an early article to our website.

Design learning prospects around Massachusetts is the intent of this page.

Quite a few universities offer degrees or classes in various aspects of design. There is a set of MA colleges at this new page.

You will pick up some beneficial suggestions of which school would be appropriate for your goals by having a brief conversation with an expert admissions representative.

You can visit this new page right now. MA students go here.

Is your old college not on that list? Tell us.

Two Newest

Our two newest pages are about getting an education in either Louisiana or Maine.

These posts are produced for folks who are thinking about attending a college in either of those two states.

These two pages offer an area where the visitor can leave their contact details. The schools that the reader is interested in will then get in touch with them later.

By meeting with a college admissions officer, you can get your concerns addressed and a much clearer picture of which institution is perfect for you.

If you are thinking about a Maine or Louisiana college, you could find out more right now. Go to LA or go to ME.

Have you already graduated from one of these universities? If you have any observations you want to share about it, go ahead and let us know.

The K States

There are some new pages at our site these days. We have just created pages pertaining to school opportunities in the two states that start with K — Kansas and Kentucky.

What are these pages about? Researching formal education choices in those two states.

We have provided on these pages a fairly short list of institutions which give degrees or classes in some area of design.

You can find colleges that offer online courses in addition to classroom teaching.

Those pages are available now, if you are considering it, you can go here (KS Colleges or KY Colleges) to read it.

Send us any suggestions about any of the colleges on this list.

Page for today

We have written another key post on our site.

This new post has information regarding local education and can help put site visitors in touch with academic institutions and entrance reps in Illinois. The page is labeled Schools in IL.

We have listed some academic institutions that supply degrees in various areas of design at this page.

Some of the institutions named there deliver bachelor’s or associate’s diplomas, but yet other schools package much shorter graduation training programs.

Hey, did you go to an Illinois university and want to leave a brief evaluation?

Go ahead and tell us.

Going to School in Hawaii

Attending school in Hawaii sounds pretty good to most of us.

Individuals who would like to go to school in Hawaii can go to our newest page and find out more about education and career choices there.

On this page is an area where the student can input some contact info. Any institution the viewer is interested in will get hold of the visitor to provide them with additional information and answer any of their questions.

You can sign up for a total degree-awarding program or just take some classes.

That page is ready right here.

In case you have some feedback about any local university you might have attended in the past, we encourage you to email them our way.

Page for FL

Our most recent page was published to our website yesterday.

Florida Design Schools is the title of this latest page. It has details about education choices down here in Florida.

We have crafted this page to include a part where visitors can leave their name and contact info. Admission representatives from universities can then contact them back with details about their program.

A handful of the colleges named give bachelor’s or associate’s degrees, but other schools deliver quicker diploma strategies.

If you are thinking about a Florida college, you could learn more right here.

In case you have some type of history going to a university in this state, we are interested in reading about it. We encourage you to email us any quick comment.

This Weeks Pages

We now have a few more new pages live on our website today.

Want to go to a Colorado or Connecticut design university? These pages explore that topic: Choose CO or CT.

One benefit of these pages is the form which permits readers to quickly find more information from colleges they are thinking about. They can elect to allow admission officers to contact them with details about their university.

Several of the institutions displayed supply four-year degrees, but other schools feature diploma programs which might be achieved faster.

A brand new career can get started by starting the proper training. Have a look at these new pages.

Our website (as well as our visitors) would be interested in listening to your previous experience with any school around this area.

California Students

We’ve published another new post on our website.

Now we have a page about education options in California.

We have put on this page a list of institutions that offer courses in various areas of design.

Many institutions are old fashioned campus-based colleges, but others supply classes on the web.

Go here to go to that page.

If you don’t see your preferred school displayed on that page, tell us about it.

Handful of Pages

I have published a few new pages for our website.

The pages published today are for students in a few different states.

Visitors considering majoring in design could see some affordable options here.

A number of these schools are state-run institutions, although others may be private schools.

I have placed those pages here:
Alabama is Here
Alaska is Here
Arizona is Here
and Arkansas is Here.

You could recommend your old institution for their inclusion to these lists as well.

Redesigned Site

We have redesigned our site this week.

The site is now working on a WordPress platform.

We hope this format will allow the site to be updated more often and to utilize new technologies and tools.

Any comments you have — we would welcome hearing them.