Incoming College Freshmen with Design Majors
There are Great Career Opportunities in the Design Field
Most of them are in Fashion, Graphic Arts and Interior Design
Many of the Entry-Level Positions Don't Require a Four-Year Degree
One of these Fields Could be Right for You


Do you have an interest in becoming a professional designer?

If you are planning on a possible future someplace in the design business, you could train for an interesting, fun and profitable career in one of the career sectors of fashion, graphic arts, or space planning by enrolling with the right school.

The majority of large colleges do not supply degree programs specifically in any area of design. Some will have a number of individual courses as part of their fine arts department.

 With her class finished this Lincoln NE university student travels on to her next one Some students find themselves coming to a specialty school where they will obtain substantial and practical training classes. These types of programs allow the individual to figure out and acquire just the targeted skills and knowledge they would need to become effective in their new vocation.

These degree packages fluctuate by college, but bachelor’s diplomas, associate’s diplomas and package achievement vouchers are often available. A great number of traditional universities have both day time and evening courses. And, like nearly all institutions, financial aid chances are supplied to those who meet the criteria.

And, as a, these schools enable the student to complete their studies as swiftly as is possible.

While most of these universities are usually established, campus institutions, others may be built for being primarily accessible online. These online schools assist employed students, parents and other active people cram training sessions into their already busy daily schedule.

Our site is a fast option to start out looking into a small number of the popular institutions in the nation that have at least one of these categories of education opportunities. So just take a glimpse at this listing of colleges, locate two or three that look like they could do the job — and best of luck.

Graphic and Visual Arts
Graphic arts opportunities are really a nice solution to partner creative and technology expertise into a pleasant, exciting and enjoyable livelihood.

Omaha NE university student seated at her table writing class notes Past graduates of a four-year college degree, or possibly a shorter training course, might get hold of a position at a design agency, on the art side of an advertising department, at a publishing or at the advertising unit of a large organization in an entry-level position such as a production specialist, image designer, or maybe even as the junior art director.

Interior Designer
The need for professionals who can plan and set up workable and stylish internal spaces in homes and workplaces has never been higher. As it can be difficult to locate a four-year diploma in this subject, just about all beginning design professionals earned either a college qualification in a similar field, such as art, or they attended a specialized school.

Should you have an interest in fashion and style, you may have a great career in fashion marketing, design or merchandising. Just a small number of institutions, largely in the larger cities, feature degree programs, curriculum or training classes in the fashion field. It is truly a great, entertaining career, but competition for employment opportunities can be great.

There are schools that have either a degree plan or targeted package of courses in one of these specialties. Pick out some by zip code.

Glance through these programs:

Matching School Ads
The Newhouse School at Syracuse University has helped drive the evolution of media around the world since 1934. The online programs offer live classes with an approximate 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio; faculty that include thought leaders in PR, advertising and journalism; and in-person immersions that focus on innovations in the industry. Each specialization is tailored so that students can enter or advance in a specific field upon graduation. 


  • Master of Science in Communications
Learning at Full Sail University has always centered around interaction and the exchange of ideas. Our online curriculum fully embraces this philosophy. We have developed our own online learning environment with the aim of being the most people-focused education experience on the web.


  • Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Computer Animation, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Game Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • And more...
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    Design isn’t right for all students. Culinary is popular — local classes in that.