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A good computer animation school will marry your current drawing and art skills with computer animation software knowledge, preparing you for a fun career in computer animation and design.

A lot of people love cars. Car mechanics and technicians are needed by the top shops in town. A Mechanic School will train you as an engine mechanic. You can concentrate on auto, aviation, truck, marine or motorcycle engine repair.

And it's not just engine mechanics that are in demand. On average, a driver has an accident every 250,000 miles of driving, so auto body repair technicians are always in demand. Collision repair and refinishing classes will get you automobile body repair and refinishing technical training.

If your son or daughter is going away to college for the first time, make sure you equip them with a good financial tool. That tool is a student credit card. A college student credit card will give your child piece of mind knowing they are able to pay for car emergencies, trips back home to visit you, school books and allow them to stretch their finances to reach from student loan check to student loan check. Some of the better credit card offers for students even have cash back bonuses. These cards will help to establish your child's credit history in a positive way.

Student credit cards are more secure than a bank checking account debit card, which is another option that some parents take. A student card is a great way to pay for day to day expenses, so a student doesn't have to carry a checkbook or lots of cash. Learning fiscal responsibility is something that is important for everyone to learn, and college is a great place to develop that knowledge. You can find a Student credit card offer designed for busy college students like yourself. Get a card with no annual fee, rewards for purchases and easy online account management.

Looking for a bunch of money to pay for school? You can probably still get federal student loans from the US government. If you don't qualify, you can look into other loan opportunities from private national loan origination firms.

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