Incoming College Freshmen with Design Majors
There are Great Career Opportunities in the Design Field
Most of them are in Fashion, Graphic Arts and Interior Design
Many of the Entry-Level Positions Don't Require a Four-Year Degree
One of these Fields Could be Right for You

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Is a career in design right for you?

If you are considering a future somewhere in the design business, you might prepare for an exciting, unique and fulfilling career in the career segments of fashion, visual arts, or space planning through applying with the right college.

Many large colleges do not offer degree programs in any design specialty. A small number might offer a small number of individual classes as part of their fine arts department.

Graduating students in SC pause for a photographA large number of undergraduates end up coming to a specialized institution where they’re able to receive detailed and practical instruction sessions. These types of classes allow the student to uncover and develop only the specific skills and knowledge they need to be effective in their new vocation.

These degree packages can vary by institution, but bachelor’s diplomas, associate’s diplomas and program achievement certificates are often offered. A lot of campus universities supply both day and evening lessons. And, just like almost all colleges, financial aid options are offered to the ones that meet the criteria.

And, as an additional bonus, most of these schools enable the individual to get through their studies as soon as possible.

While most of these colleges happen to be brick and mortar, campus institutions, others are organized for being primarily available online. web-based schools enable employed students, parents and other active individuals work classes into their already busy schedule.

Our site is a means for you to begin exploring a small number of the most well-known colleges in the country that deliver one or more of these kinds of training opportunities. So take a glance at the list of training centers, find a couple that look like they might meet your needs — and good luck.

Graphic arts opportunities are a productive way to join creative and software abilities into a nice, innovative and fulfilling career.

Everyone gets a degree todayPast graduates of a full, four-year university degree, or a much shorter course, may seek out a job opportunity at a design agency, on the art side of an advertising company, at a media outlet or at the sales and marketing communications team of a big organization in an entry-level situation such as a production artist, artwork designer, or perhaps even as a assistant art director.

Interior Designer
The need for people who are able to design and put together efficient and nice-looking indoor areas in our homes and workplaces has never been higher. It is difficult to locate a bachelor’s degree in this small field, a great number of new designers possess either a college qualification in a similar area, like art, or they finished a training program at a specialty school.

Should you have an eye for style and fashion, you might have a strong future in fashion merchandising, marketing or design. Just a handful of universities, typically in the bigger metropolitan areas, supply degree programs, programs or classes in fashion. It is a fast-paced, enjoyable profession, but competition for jobs are often higher than average.

You may find schools that present either a degree or targeted program of classes in these career sectors. Pick one in your zip code.

You can begin with this list:

Matching School Ads
  • Campus-based and online degrees include Computer Animation (BS), Digital Arts and Design (BS), Graphic Design (BS), and more
  • Students take ongoing portfolio courses that allow them to build and refine their design portfolio
  • Courses teach skills such as advertising, branding, visual messaging, and concept design
  • Curriculum combines elements of creativity, art, business and life skills, technical prowess, and academic achievement


  • Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Computer Animation, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Game Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • And more...

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