Undergraduate students in the design field
The Design Field Offers Plenty of Great Career Opportunities
Maybe One of Them Would be Right for You
There are Careers in Graphic Arts, Fashion and Interior Design
And Most Starting Jobs Don't Require a Bachelor's Degree


Considering a career in a design field?

If you’re thinking about a future somewhere in the design business, you can plan for an exciting, fun and rewarding career in the fields of fashion, graphic arts, or interior planning by enrolling at the right school.

The majority of public universities do not offer degree programs in design. Some will offer a few classes as part of their fine arts department.

University student leaving her classroom with an arm full of booksMany students end up attending a specialty school where they can receive comprehensive and hands-on training classes. These courses allow the student to learn and develop just the specific knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their new career.

The degree programs vary by school, but bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and program completion certificates are commonly offered. Most campus schools offer both day and evening classes. And, like most colleges, financial aid opportunities are available to those that qualify.

And, as a bonus, these schools allow the student to graduate as quickly as possible.

While most of these schools are traditional, campus-based institutions, others are structured for being mostly available online. These schools help working students, parents and other busy individuals fit classes into their daily schedule.

This guide is a way to start looking at some of the most popular schools in the USA that offer at least one of these types of training programs. So just take a glance at our list of schools, find one or two that look like they might work for you — and good luck.

Graphic arts and design careers are a terrific way to combine artistic and computer skills into a fun, creative and rewarding career.

Students sitting in one of those big lecture hallsGraduates of a four-year college degree, or a shorter program, may find a job at a design studio, on the creative staff of an advertising agency, at a publishing house or in the communications department of a large corporation in an entry-level position such as a production artist, graphic designer, or even as a junior art director.

Interior Designer
The demand for individuals who can design and create functional and attractive interior spaces in the home and the workplace has never been greater. It can be difficult to find a four-year degree in this field, most entry-level designers have either a bachelor’s degree in a somewhat-related field, such as art, or they attended a specialty school.

If you have an eye for fashion, you may have a bright future in fashion design, merchandising or marketing. A few institutions, mostly in the larger cities, offer degrees, programs or courses in fashion. It can be a fast-paced, interesting profession, but competition for jobs can be high.

There are schools that offer either a degree or concentrated program of study in these fields. Find one in your zip code: